Real Estate with Sue Massari Young 

Have you filed for your Homestead Tax Exemption? THE HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION is filed when you live in a home as your primary residence, saving you an average of 10% on your tax bill and limits the taxable value from rising more than 10% per year (homestead cap). There are other exemptions for homeowners that include: Over-65, Disability, Disabled Veteran, Calamity and even exemptions for those that have installed renewable energy sources in their homes, such as solar or wind power. You can see which exemptions are already filed for your home via your county’s appraisal district website. 

Another way to lower property taxes is by protesting the YEARLY VALUATION ASSESSMENT of your home. There are key deadlines to meet and it’s critical to know what information is needed in order to be successful. You’ll need to file the protest by May 15, 2022, compile market data, comparables, and other evidence to support your case, and attend the hearing(s). Because navigating the appeal process can be confusing and time consuming, as your trusted real estate professional, I would like to help you with your property taxes this year. To do that I’ve partnered with a local lender and a new company called Home Tax Shield. Their AI-technology and local, experienced professionals deliver the most EFFECTIVE AND AFFORDABLE way to make sure you get a fair property tax value each year.


For our clients and friends, they’ve 

REDUCED THEIR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE to only $15 plus 30% of tax savings (others charge up to $100-$150 plus 40-45% of tax savings). 

Visit Kim’s site to see what you can save and use Kim’s partner discount on Home Tax Shield. Feel free to share this email and site with your friends and neighbors too!

Here is Kim’s information if you would like to reach out to her with any lender questions. 

Thanks for trusting me for all your real estate needs, and as always please give me a call if there’s anything I can help with.

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