A breath of fresh air

Sue Young was a breath of fresh air during a stressful move. She began an extensive search of homes before we even made it to Texas. With each form of contact she offered us information that began to make the search tolerable even, at times, fun! Sue drove from specific homes or communities to my husbands place of work to provide us commute times without our request. Sue was definitely proactive and highly responsive. She was always two steps ahead of us. We communicated via email, phone, FaceTime and text. Sue made things happen and she made it feel as if there were no barriers in a home search from out of state. First, it was important to my husband that his commute was no more than 30 minutes. Sue made that happen! Second, as a stay-at-home mother it was desirable to have a level of safety and community amenities. Check! Last, Sue negotiated a deal that afforded us amazing flexibility in our budget. She certainly went above and beyond for us. Sue offered and drove us, including my one-year-old in her car seat, to each listing. She is a savvy and safe driver! She knows San Antonio and she could find listings that were not even searchable on Google Maps! Sue Young got to know us. She stood fiercely by our side during the entire process and her warmth truly welcomed us to our new home.

— Leilani , Buyer